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John Wettroth jwet at mindspring.com
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I built up a Toaster Oven reflow a few years ago using Wizoo Controleo 3 that I saw at a Maker Faire Bay Area in 2017 or so.  The developers were cool and its open source IIRC.  It was more expensive but was a very complete kit with an extra heating element, a bunch of insulation, an ARM controller board, SD Card Slot,  3 solid state relays, a touch screen, even a little servo motor that opens the door to do the quick ramp down at the end of the cycle.  It’s all packaged up very nice with great software.  It can follow manufacturer recommended temp profiles exactly- very nice but not really that important.  .  I bought a new Black and Decker toaster oven to install the Wizoo stuff in.  Previously, I used a Chinese Ebay type IR lamp type rework station with a little glass hot plate which I still have- seldom use- could make a deal on this, very low miles.  Its great for rework but not so good for whole board assembly work.  I have two hot air stations, a nice German one and a Chinese one.  One of my favorite tools is a Well hot tweezers, great for passives which in RF work you’re always dicking with.  You’re welcome to any of it if you need to do some reflow or rework- I reflow boards occasionally, the toaster over works the best of everything I’ve used.  The SparkFun controller would probably work fine since the temp profiles are really that important anyway for one offs.  Way back I used a hot plate griddle kind of thing which worked pretty well but required a lot of watching and you were sitting there inhaling a bunch of who knows what.  I use the reflow over outside or inside of my laser cutter which has an exhaust fan.  This Wizoo deal is pretty close to a professional oven.  Maxim used to have big time pro stuff- several $K bucks and it still a bit of experimentation- one offs are hard.
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An interesting product from Sparkfun - a single board controller to turn your toaster oven into a reflow oven.

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