[TriEmbed] Inexpensive board solution for low-power applications

Scott Hall scottghall1 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 07:55:45 CDT 2021

At last night's meeting, it was discussed a low-power project that needed
battery management.  Elektor Magazine's store site is clearancing out a
development kit from Maxim that has a MAX78000 dual-core Arm Cortex-M4F
processor with an integrated Convolutional Neural Network accelerator for
AI work, and also includes the MAX20303 PMIC for battery and power
management. The form factor is 0.9" x 2.6" dual-row header, a footprint
that is compatible with Adafruit Feather Wing peripheral expansion boards.
$30 USD

Maxim Integrated MAX78000FTHR Application Platform - Elektor

*From their website:*
The board includes a variety of peripherals, such as a CMOS VGA image
sensor, digital microphone, low-power stereo audio CODEC, 1 MB QSPI SRAM,
microSD card connector, RGB indicator LED, and pushbutton. The MAX78000FTHR
provides a power-optimized flexible platform for quick proof-of-concepts
and early software development to enhance time to market.
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