[TriEmbed] Hacking a fake vintage radio (with Arduino + Pi 0)

Huan Truong htruong at tnhh.net
Wed Jun 24 20:51:37 CDT 2020

Thanks Pete!

I feel like there was something really mysterious about the switch statement. Even if I pasted the whole blocks of code of each function I would have called to the {} inside a case, the code still wouldn’t work. That baffled me by a mile. 

But yeah, I spent way too much time on the project that I’m comfortable with the idea of not understanding some of it now. The watchdog timer code was baffling too. 

Please excuse my typos, sent from phone.

On Jun 24, 2020, at 10:14 AM, Pete Soper via TriEmbed <triembed at triembed.org> wrote:

What a beautifully presented adventure. Loved reading it. And when you say a problem "could be bad" you make your point. :-) (meant as a "find Waldo" exercise for alert readers)

Hadn't heard of "kev" or any other Arduino emulator for that matter. That aspect was interesting too.

The other issue with redeclaration of the vars local to the switch statement is that they literally don't exist outside it, so communicating their values outside the block would be difficult. :-)  In general, every {} defines a local scope in C/C++ and you can declare variables inside that scope but they cease to be defined outside the scope. The scope outside any {} (aka "global") or vars declared "static" can avoid this issue but not the redefine issue.

Thanks for sharing this!


> On 6/24/20 12:43 PM, Huan Truong via TriEmbed wrote:
> This has taken me way more time than I thought, but finishing this
> retrofit is a big achievement for me. It's really silly and serves
> exactly no purpose other than RE'ing something no one cares about.  So
> I just want to share for some shits and giggles.
> http://www.tnhh.net/posts/adventures-hacking-fake-vivitar-vintage-radio.html

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