[TriEmbed] Hamfest, kind of ...

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Fri Jul 31 10:20:01 CDT 2020

Thanks for sharing that, Kevin. I forwarded it to the local branch of 
the PVRC radio contesting club <http://pvrcnc.org/> list (web site 
definitely not up to date: no face to face meetings now).


On 7/30/20 9:42 AM, Kevin McClaning via TriEmbed wrote:
> All --
> I was discussing RARSFest with Greg Seamster KE4PAX. He told me there 
> have been a few parking lot hamfests held on Thursdays, with 25-30 
> hams showing up. Alan Pitegoff AB4OZ posted information on QRZ.
> Go to https://www.qrz.com/, and search for AB4OZ. He has another one 
> planned for Saturday, August 8.
> I haven't gone to one but will probably at least drive by on Aug 8 to 
> see if it meets my COVID safety criteria.
> Take care,
> Kevin
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