[TriEmbed] Analog Devices buying Maxim

John Wettroth jwet at mindspring.com
Mon Jul 13 13:45:58 CDT 2020

Wow- this is unexpected!  I worked at Maxim for 24+ years and this was
something no one wanted to do back then- they even had kind of a "poison
pill" in the stock plan that would release a bunch of shares in case of a
takeover.  It would have made it impossible to buy.  I worked there in the
hey days with all the original founders.  I retired in 2018 as a managing
director- probably in the top 50 in the hierarchy overall..  The company
changed a lot after the founder/CEO Jack Gifford left the company in 2007
and others drifted away.  I never really liked the newer management- they
were more short term oriented and got the company heavily involved in cell
phone asics.  They were like crack, you could do one design and make $100M
but there were a lot of soul crushing details that screwed it up and you
were very beholden to a few customers (Apple/Samsung).  I tried to stay in
the standard products analog stuff though I supported the acquisiton of
Dallas in 2001.  I would have retired after Jack's departure but got
involved in founding an automotive group that distracted me for a few years.

I'll check this out and see if I can get any inside details if any are
Thanks for the heads up.
John Wettroth


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