[TriEmbed] TriEmbed meeting tomorrow night

The MacDougals paulmacd at acm.org
Sun Feb 9 20:52:44 CST 2020

I have Tic Tac Toe game prototype to show and a test rig for Rodney’s pushbutton board for the Pi themed HW competition.

We should be fine.


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Subject: TriEmbed meeting tomorrow night



  As you may have noticed, Charles is in Asheville and won't be presenting tomorrow, so it looks like Craig and his coffee bean roaster will have higher billing.  I hope you can all get to the meeting to help Craig with guidance for a safe and effective implementation. I will remember to bring the door prizes! I've also got the boards for a very small but powerful amateur radio linear amplifier and a few other things for show and tell. As usual, everybody is welcome to bring things or topics for sharing.

 (Link to meeting info here <http://triembed.org/blog/meetings/at-ncsu/> ).



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