[TriEmbed] Kermit send file source

Rodney Radford ncgadgetry at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 15:19:48 CST 2020

Has anyone used an open source version of a simple Kermit cliend send file

I have used old Kermit, and used the Kermit built in to other apps like
Tera Term, but one of the WiFi parts we are looking at for work has tha
ability to upload new firmware to it via kermit send.

I have verified this works with tera term connected to a breakout board,
but in the final version, I will just have a stm32f777 microprocessor to
handle flashing the part. It has a fair amount of ram and flash in it to
store the image, but I will need to implement the send code to the device.

While Kermit is open source, I am looking for what is hopefully just a
simple send file command, and not a complete application.
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