[TriEmbed] Drone delivery by UPS here first

John Vaughters jvaughters04 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 27 13:54:10 CDT 2019

 >Flying cars DO exist

Unless they make that Jetson sound, they don't count. I'll settle for Bruce Willis showing up in a Fifth Element Taxi too. People have had various flying cars over the years, but they are not main stream as advertised in the '50s. They have flying motorcycles also, and I have never seen anything more frightening. Good luck to those pilots. Most may not know, but people are constantly trying to regulate airspace for small personal flying transports. AKA air highways. None of this is new, they just don't get any traction for the obvious reasons, mainly people don't want heavy objects flying over their heads on a regular basis. 
Adding to your list of special situation air transport is NY trying to get a Drone type taxi service from the top of buildings. But really aren't we talking about improved Helicopter service that is just cheaper. How is that different than Sao Palo Brazil, where you never have to walk on the street if you have the money. The street is soooo Third class any way.
The point it specialized application with lower cost and hopefully better air transports will be what we get. Fifth Element Taxi's???  Well not holding my breath.
>only 3 hours to learn to fly some; 0 hours of training in others

YIKES!!!! Can't wait for the public hearing on these regulations.
John Vaughters
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