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Fri Aug 30 12:11:01 CDT 2019

> Dear fellow embedded friends,
> Does anyone else have the new Teensy 4.0? https://www.pjrc.com/teensy-4-0/
> Are you playing around with it ? I have 2 and just started dabbing.

I don’t think I’ll exceed the 3.6’s power with my next synth idea, but we’ll see. I really wanted to use the Blackaddr Audio Interface (it has nice 1/4” jacks), and it is designed around the 3.5/3.6. 

Check out my Teensy Audio Library: https://github.com/quarterturn/teensy3-ensemble-chorus <https://github.com/quarterturn/teensy3-ensemble-chorus> It’s a “string machine” ensemble chorus. Hint: next project will use it for a poly string machine emulation!


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