[TriEmbed] VERY thin heat shields in research phase

Brian triembed at undecidedgames.net
Tue Aug 20 12:10:15 CDT 2019

My undereducated $0.02:

Referring to the insulating layers as "empty space" may not be so 
accurate on a practical scale.  On subatomic scales, of course, all 
matter is mostly empty space; there's relatively tons of nothingness 
between atomic nuclei and their electrons.  I don't get such a strong 
implication that empty space is what's slowing the transfer of heat in 
these materials, though; my takeaway from the article is that it has 
more to do with how well a particular material dampens vibration.  But 
on the other hand, how the atomic-scale empty space in a material is 
distributed might have a lot to do with it.  I'm not even a shade-tree 
quantum mechanic.

At any rate, I'm not sure good insulation is the ticket to further 
miniaturization of electronics.  Isn't heat the enemy?  Robust 
electronics have mechanisms that are good at removing heat from the hot 
things, not holding it all in.  Imagine wrapping your computer's CPU in 
a cozy blanket instead of strapping a huge fan to it.  I imagine it 
would not operate at peak efficiency that way...


On 8/17/19 1:48 PM, Pete Soper via TriEmbed wrote:
> Toward the end of this short blurb is the basic notion they're working 
> toward: treating heat the same way you might treat sound with multipane 
> glass to efficiently manage the transfer of thermal energy. It seems 
> implicit that the "insulation" between layers with the scheme mentioned 
> is simply empty space.
> https://phys.org/news/2019-08-shield-atoms-thick-electronic-devices.html
> -Pete
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