[TriEmbed] PCB Carolina tech session slides available

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Mon Nov 19 13:32:47 CST 2018

The technical presentation slides from the recent PCB Carolina event 
area available. You may find this impossible to do with a phone or 
"pixel challenged laptop", but go to the main site 
<http://www.pcbcarolina.com/home.html>, then use the the "ATTENDEES" 
menu item to get to "PRESENTATIONS", then along side that go to each 
presentation where the slide URL is underneath the room number at the 
top of that presentation's page. No, there doesn't appear to be a "key", 
so clicking on each presentation is the only way to find out what it's 

The two that Shane and I commented about are here:
     Sam Conner of IBM: "To Ground Or Not To Ground (My PCB to Chassis)" 
     Rick Hartley of RHartley Enterprises: Switch Mode Power Supply 
Layout <http://www.pcbcarolina.com/presentation-6d.html>


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Links under each session's room/time. Go to here then with menu http://nebula.wsimg.com/e4f7b5e1ec501da88494c3cc6fc3408f?AccessKeyId=EE5D6D3DDDDBA073A2F5&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

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