[TriEmbed] this really is the end: Cary Crossroads Radioshack closing

Jon Wolfe jonjwolfe at anibit.com
Mon May 29 22:15:29 CDT 2017

Hmm, the crossroads store isn't on the list of store closings either (published in march), so maybe the cary parkway location was affected too. It's 5 minutes away from me, I will swing by tomorrow and see if it met the same fate. :(

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    When I dropped by around 3pm they still had six of the cool parts
    cabinets left. I'm picking up a roll-around display thing in the
    morning that will hold some shelves and there are a few other
    display cases and piles of shelving. Little of interest left.
    There's a wall of odds and ends that's "$5 for all you can fit into
    a bag" and the rest of it is 80% off except for some items like wall
    warts for a few bucks per box.


    This final collapse some weeks back blind-sided store management.
    Rick wasn't ready to retire. If anybody on this list knows of an
    opportunity for one of the last, best RS guys, with decades of
    experience helping people solve their home electronics problems,
    please give him a call at the store (919 851 0332. I'll ask him for
    another number when I'm there. I know he's leaving at 1pm (a cohort
    I'd never seen before will be there at one and could no doubt pass a






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