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Scott Hall scottghall1 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 14:58:15 CDT 2017

Have you been wanting to finish that electronic project you started a while
back? Or have been meaning to learn to solder electronics but haven't
gotten to it yet? How about wanting to solder surface mount parts, or learn
how to use a rework station?
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*Announcing a Soldering Workshop at Splat*Space Saturday, Jun. 10, 2017, at
11:00pm – 5:00pm (3 sessions of 2 hours each)*

*All levels welcome to attend*
Attendees can participate in a Learn to Solder Class or work on an existing
project alongside other solderers.  We invite folks working on robotics, RC
planes, trains, automobiles and boats, scale modeling, ham radio, anyone
who has an interest to learn a little electronic soldering.  Even if you
just want to improve your technique, or ask questions of other

*There will be 3 levels taught:*
• Beginner – all through-hole parts, minimal rework,
• Intermediate – through-hole parts with anti-static, large inductors and
other special-handling parts added, more rework
• Advanced – surface-mount and mixed parts, reflow, special techniques

*Three possible sessions available, 3-levels each: (RSVP desired)*
• 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, limited to 20 persons
• 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, limited to 20 persons
• 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, limited to 20 persons

* The workshop is free, and open to all*
Persons of all ages, gender and ability are welcome.  On-site instruction
will be given in English, but video instruction in other languages will be
made available.  Minors younger than 18 need to be accompanied by an adult
18 or older, and it is recommended that one should be at least 7 years old.

This event is is dedicated to a harassment-free experience, regardless of
gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical
appearance, body size, race, religion, country of origin, or age.
Harassment in any form of participants or visitors to Splat*Space,
including but not limited to explicit derogatory language, imagery or
actions, will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the

Splat*Space has a lot of resources available for participants.  You do not
need to be a member of Splat*Space to participate, and there will be no
charge for attending.  For directions to Splat*Space see:
*Please bring pre-purchased kits or projects*
You are asked to please purchase learn-to-solder electronics ahead of
time.  Some of ones vetted by the organizer include:

Chaney Electronics:

   - 3-Part Deluxe Through-Hole Learn Solder Kit, C6491,  beginner,

   - 2-Part Universal Surface-Mount Learn Solder Kit, C6758,
   intermediate,  $7.95


   - 4 kits in 1 Bundle A,  C6880,  beginner,  $16.75


   - 4 kits in 1 Bundle B,  C6881,  beginner,  $16.25


   - 4 kits in 1 Bundle C,  C6934,  beginner,  $16.50


   - 4 kits in 1 Bundle E,  C6994,  beginner,  $18.15


Elenco @ Amazon Smile:

   - Practical Soldering Project Kit, SP-1A,  beginner,  $10.50

Solder Training:  https://www.soldertraining.com/collections/kits
  – some of these same kits are also available from Solder Tools:


   - Standard Through-Hole Training Kit (2 Trainees), SST-K1-PT,
   intermediate,  $26.95


   - Standard Surface Mount Training Kit (1 Trainee), SST-SMT, advanced,


   - J-STD-001 Rev. E Certification Kit (2 Trainees), SST-J001-K1,
   advanced,  $30.00

   - IPC Rework and Repair Training Kit (2 Trainees), SST-7711-PLK1,
   advanced,  $41.60


Other companies selling electronics kits for learning how to solder (mostly
Velleman kits):

    Sparkfun:  https://www.sparkfun.com/search/results?term=solder+kits
    Adafruit:  https://www.adafruit.com/category/203?q=learn%20to%20solder&
    Rocket Department Learn to Solder Kits:
    MadLab:  http://www.madlab.org/kits/ (see also Velleman Store Direct)
    Apogee Kits:


    Jameco:  http://www.jameco.com/c/Electronic-Kits-Projects.html
    MCM Electronics/Newark:
    Velleman Store Direct:  https://www.vellemanstore.com/en/

The organizer does have a several beginner's level kits available for those
who forget or are unable to purchase them ahead of time.  They tend to run
about $15 each, a few simple ones are $10, and are on a first-come
first-served basis at the time of the event.  Splat*Space has a small
selection of Velleman kits available as well.

*Please bring your own tools, if you have them *

If you already have your own tools, please bring what you can.  Especially
if you have any advanced soldering tools.

   - Solder Station (preferred) or Solder Iron with stand and sponge, small
   - Diagonal Wire Cutters
   - Needlenose Pliers

*optional:  (will be provided if you don't have your own, sharing limited

   - Safety Eyewear
   - Lead-Tin Electronics Rosin-core Solder (no lead-free please)
   - Desoldering Braid
   - Something to hold your work (like a small vice or 3rd-hand)
   - Soldering Probe or Pick
   - Tip conditioner
   - Solder Sucker
   - Solder Flux (pen or paste)
   - Solder Paste

If you don't have the budget to own your own tools and supplies, we have
miscellaneous electronics components, a number soldering stations and tools
for public use, and the talent to teach each other!

Contact Scott Hall if you have any questions:

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA
scottghall1 at gmail.com
ph: 919-624-5973
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