[TriEmbed] another Kicad project

Alex Davis alexd at matrixwide.com
Fri Mar 17 10:40:01 CDT 2017

I finished the first SMT prototype of my wearable UV monitor badge using
kicad. I got the hang of making footprints I think. I had to do them for
the piezo and UV photodiode. Stupid me put a 2450 cell holder on the
back (misread the footprint as a 2032), but I can live with that for the
three boards I ordered from OSH Park.

To get a small quantity of GUVA-S12SD sensor I had to go with an
aliexpress seller. Good chance of fakes that way, but I think I can test
by swapping with a known-good diode off an Adafruit breakout and testing
with a true UVA LED at a fixed distance.

I decided to forgo pogo pin pads for in-circuit programming. I power the
sensor off the MOSI pin, and it can't be attached during programming.
Rather than add pogo pin pads and a solder blob jumper, I just resigned
to fixing programming issues with the hot-air rework station.




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