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Just fyi, the team is still looking.  Its a good opportunity for a couple
of local corporate sponsors.

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This forwarded email is just fyi.  Dr. Wong's kid has won regional and
state Lego based robotic competition and trying to get sponsorship for
"World" level competition at Texas to be held in April.  It appears IEEE
directly cannot help for individual cause.

If you know any of your corporate firm that would like to sponsor for this
team, please contact Dr. Wong directly.  Per the link below, they are just
short of their goal.



Mahesh Balasubramaniam


mbalasu at ncsu.edu

919-649-6902 <(919)%20649-6902>

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Hi Mr. Randall,

   I am an IEEE Computer Society Affiliate (40173241). My son's team has
won the Regional and State First Lego League Robotic Competition. They are
going the World Competition in Houston, TX in April. The team is doing fund
raising now. I wonder IEEE can provide some monetary sponsorship. Please
find the team information here: *http://knightsinrustingarmour.weebly.com/
<http://knightsinrustingarmour.weebly.com/>* Your support is greatly




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