[TriEmbed] FreeRTOS on STM32 Nucleo issue

Alex Davis alexd at matrixwide.com
Fri Apr 22 14:03:06 CDT 2016

I reworked the semaphore passing examine from day 2 of the FreeRTOS
workshop to conform with MBED specifics. I've published the code here:

I have LEDs attached to PB_3, PB_4, and PA_8. There should be much
blinking among the LEDs but I get nothing more than the LED on PB_3
turning on. I know I'm not out of stack or heap, as I have code for
those cases which would blink an LED. According to MBED, you'd get a
blinking LED somewhere on the board if you crashed the CPU as well,
which I also don't see.

There doesn't seem to be support for a hardware debugger in MBED. MBED's
suggestion is to use something like Keil but that's dumb as I know the
code works there (we used Keil in the class).

The only other thing I may try is replace wait() with the inline
"Delay()" function used in the class example. I doubt it matters.

If someone can take a look either before or during the next meeting, I'd
truly appreciate it.


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