[TriEmbed] Raspberry Pi VNC session "caps lock problem"

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Thu Sep 24 12:47:41 CDT 2015

When accessing an RPI via a VNC session from another machine I randomly 
have the thing get into a mode where keyboard letters are upper case no 
matter what the shift lock state is in. So I have to press shift for 
every character to get lower case letters. It only seems to be cured by 
a reboot. This bad state happens anywhere from minutes to hours into use 
for a given VNC session. I'm convinced it might be a "magic" keystroke 
pattern I'm accidentally typing, but can't get the feedback fast enough 
to have any clue what the pattern might have been that triggered this 
evil mode.

Anybody know of a cure for this problem?


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