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Yes, the more I read about the 8266 the more it seems like the ultimate "get what you pay for" demo. I could well imagine a lot of snickering going on at TI.
Here's a blog post exploring reliability issues:


The situation w the EMW3165 is more fuzzy, and it appears that module's developers think everybody has the IAR Embedded Workbench on their (Windows, natch) PC. (the IAR software costs thousands of dollars!) 

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Anything is better than ESP8266 :) (I can elaborate if you want)
If you are looking for something reliable and easy to work with, I would suggest CC3100 (NWP) or CC3200 (NWP+ARM).
They are not cheap, but they are worth every penny.


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EMW3165, it's actually been around for a while. ARM  Cortex m4, 2+0.5 Mb flash, 128 k ram. There are a few more capable variations too, but you start to run into the price range where you should just get a pi. (Of course the pi zero makes that price point even lower)

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At our last Triembed meeting someone mentioned there was a new wireless device coming our soon that was better than the esp8266.  What was it?




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