[TriEmbed] How to Damage an LDO

Brian triembed at undecidedgames.net
Thu Dec 10 12:19:49 CST 2015


Thank you for your detailed response.  However, there's a disconnect 
between what you and others have described and my situation.

The issue is that floating != zero volts.

A backwards diode across Vin/Vout on a regulator won't do anything if 
Vin is floating.

A forwards Schottky on Vout would at least be functional, but the 
voltage drop (combined with the current requirements of the circuit -- 1 
A!) is a concern.

It is actually academic at this point because, having finalized the 
enclosure design, I've determined that there is no room for batteries!

(It's a doodad I'm making for a friend; said friend will just have to 
deal with the wall wart)

Thanks nonetheless!

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