[TriEmbed] Pull-up & Pull-down resistors

Terry King terry at terryking.us
Fri Oct 31 07:42:11 CDT 2014

Hi Brian,

This is a classic case of "Resistor value not critical"...

The inputs on Arduino etc. are very high impedance so actually anything like 100K or less is OK..

I buy 10k, 5000 at a time and put 10 each 10K and 220 (Good LED current limiting value) in the
kits I make for schools etc:


DISCLAIMER: Mentioned stuff from my own shop...!!

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I've seen 1k, 3.3k, 10k all as acceptable values for pull-down resistors with Raspberry Pi &
Arduino-type devices.
How do you pick the proper one since this doesn't seem to be an Ohm's Law problem?

Brian Grawburg

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