[TriEmbed] need stupid pet trick immediately

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Wed Oct 15 14:44:20 CDT 2014

I've got four of the typical high temp fabric-coated type K thermocouple 
probes and can't get the buggers to reliably sit with some tension on 
the top of PCBs in an oven. I can imagine many solutions better than the 
fractional hectares of Kapton tape I'm applying along with bending the 
freaking things down, then pulling them back up with the silly hope that 
they'll sit on the target board surface.  The kapton is of course 
screwing my experiment 'cause it is a fabulous heat insulator.

What is the proper way to do this??? The crux of the problem is 
"something" that can magically hold the last inch or so of thermocouple 
lead down against the PCB where the lead kisses the PCB and the thing 
holding it down doesn't itself hose up the temperature measurement process.

This is what the oven drawer looks like. As you can see, the 
thermocouple lead is threaded through the slots in the drawer, and with 
a bit of tape that keeps it from being sensitive to the drawerin being 
slid back and forth. It's that last bit of getting the thing to reliably 
sit on the PCB and not pop off and start measuring air temperature 
that's killing me. Any help appreciated.



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