[TriEmbed] the joke's on me: Andonstar microscope does tilt (and focus "slop" problem)

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Sun Jun 15 11:36:27 CDT 2014

Glenn was right, the Andonstar camera does swing back and forth, and 
this is just as useful as one would think it would be. I'm slightly 
worried there's nothing to keep it from gradually becoming more and more 
loose to the point of flopping around, but maybe that won't happen and 
I'm optimistic I could fix that if it happens. I hope folks can 
understand that I just wasn't in the mood to break my microscope as the 
final bit of the demo on Monday. :-)

Here's an example photo of solder joints where the 'scope is at a very 
shallow angle and looking across a board:


One last comment. I think I mentioned this, but probably too quickly: 
the focus control of this microscope has a tremendous amount of play. 
This makes getting the focus "just right" for extreme close ups such as 
the picture above a real hassle until you get used to it and train your 
fingers to know how to get the play out without over-correcting.


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