[TriEmbed] Adafruit software licenses

Adam Haile email at adamhaile.net
Fri Jun 13 16:11:02 CDT 2014

Great question. That always drove me a little nuts too. Some are even BSD
or simply a copyright with no specific license. Or nothing at all... which
I assume to be fair use for whatever.

However, one thing I've noticed about GPL use in the past is that often
I've been able to find that the particular library is simply one that they
have modified from an existing library someone else wrote and licensed as
GPL. Or many of them are older... maybe they were being more protective in
their earlier days? I'm assumig that's the same case with those that are
BSD licensed. But for their own stuff they definitely seem to favor MIT.

As for the unlicensed... no clue. They forgot?

On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 4:51 PM, Pete Soper <pete at soper.us> wrote:

> Does anybody have any insight into why some Adafruit libraries have an MIT
> license while others are regular (NOT lesser) GPL 3?  Is there a
> pattern/rationale that she's discussed somewhere?  (For those not familiar,
> there couldn't be much more difference between these two licenses. They
> more or less occupy opposite ends of the visible universe.)
> -Pete
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