[TriEmbed] Voltage regulation for battery driven mobile robots

Jon Wolfe jonjwolfe at yahoo.com
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I have a robot I've been working on and off for the past year or so, I should bring it in to the next meeting, I've been meaning to, but it's pretty fragile, and always with some feature in the middle of development.

Anyways, I went with SLA's for mine, driven by pololu h-bridge PWM'ed. The SLA is bulky and weighs a ton, but it's 4500 mAh, and charging them without bursting into flames is a lot easier.

It's a 6 volt SLA, and I run a Parallax Propeller and Arm cortex-M4, both on 3.3V, a couple parts on 5V, and the motor drivers and LCD backlight on straight battery 6V. I used  LDO (Low drop out) linear regulators for the regulated power. I found that the "logic" part of the circuit barely made the linear regulators warm (though I have never measured actual current). 

I have a little bit about it on my blog, I need to add more when I find the time.:


Jon Wolfe

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Thanks for all the help with this.  You guys answered the question pretty thoroughly.

Thanks again,
Charlie West

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P.S.  If you want to find a source of regulators, a previous-coworker of mine has had good luck with these:
>On 01/20/2014 11:47 AM, Scott Hall wrote:
>This is where we could benefit from the experience of the robotics club guys (TAR - Triangle Area Robotics).
>>You will want to power the teensy on its own, not through the
        power pins on a R-Pi.
>>Circuit Cellar Magazine last August & September published a
        Raspberry-Pi I/O board that is far superior to the Gert Board
        and its like, but its shares one basic element:
>>They have their own power connector, and regulate that with a
        switching 5V regulator and a separate 3.3V regulator.  That
        latter they connect to pin-1 of the GPIO connector to power the
        R-Pi - the USB power is never involved.
>>If you are not using the 5V supply for anything beyond the
        motors, consider this 6V regulator instead (https://www.commonsenserc.com/product_info.php?products_id=51)  -- that'll get you more torque out of your motors, and constant voltage regardless of the battery level.
Scott G. Hall
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