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Jon Wolfe jonjwolfe at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 13 22:52:13 CST 2014

Thanks, Pete, for the fascinating talk! 

Fritzing was brought up this evening. I'll agree, I wouldn't want to use it for 
PCB layout. I do have a use for it, however: to pre-plan complex 
breadboard or protoboard/perfboard layouts. I learned the hard way that 
while  Fritzing might be rather limited for some things, but it is a lot more efficient than repeatedly ripping apart a breadboard circuit because you didn't plan the layout well enough.

Also, on a separate note, you can use Eagle parts libraries in KiCad, but the process is a little painful (basically you have to run an 
exporter/converter script in Eagle).

This page has a little on that, toward the bottom:


Thanks again,

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