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As always, we welcome everyone to our IEEE meetings. Feel free to
distribute this notice.  Registration is requested but not required.

*Raspberry Pi Hacks*

Monday December 2nd,2013  7:00-8:30  arrive early for networking and food

Tom Callaway and Ruth Suehle, authors of Raspberry Pi Hacks (O’Reilly,
December 2013) will share hints and tips for brave hackers ready to bring
their ideas to life with the Raspberry Pi. They’ll start with the important
basics of doing tricks with your Pi and go on to talk about a few fun
projects, from game emulators to cameras in the sky. This talk is fun for
both experienced builders and novices, so feel free to bring along kids,
friends, neighbours, and anyone else you think might like to get started
building with the Pi.

Details and registration:

*Autonomous Vehicles*

Monday January 6,2014  7:00-9:00  arrive early for networking and food

Mr. Randall led the Insight Racing team in the DARPA (Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge series of races. Insight Racing’s
last entry was a computer driven Lotus Elise which was developed in
conjunction with NC State University. The Elise would drive through city
traffic without remote control or any human intervention whatsoever. Mr.
Randall will discuss how the team was put together and review the
architecture of the autonomous vehicle.  He will also discuss the future of
autonomous vehicles.    http://www.insightracing.org/

Mr. Randall also wants to discuss a group project to develop a life-like
humanoid robot that can interact using a natural language interface. Many
aspects of this projects will be described and discussed. He is looking for
participation from anyone that is interested.

Details and registration:

*Robot Contest*

Members are also competing in a short wall following and line following
contest before the meetings.  Come see the member developed robots.
Contact Rodney Radford [ncgadgetry(at)gmail(dot)com]  for details on how
you can compete.

Grayson Randall

g.randall at ieee.org       919-612-0481

IEEE ENCS Robotics and Automation Chapter Chair

IEEE-USA Committee on Communications Policy
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