[TriEmbed] Arduino sensors talk/demos/Q&A by Shane Trent, web update delayed, & RPI update

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Fri Jun 28 21:35:29 CDT 2013

One of the notes I botched last meeting was Shane's offer to work 
through a series of temperature sensor demos with an Arduino system. He 
estimates this will take about 30 minutes. I think this would be much 
more interesting and useful than the 15 minutes I was going to spend on 
jumpstarting a Raspberry Pi. And Paul and I think it's important to have 
a lot of time for breakout groups so folks have the best chance to 
connect with other folks and the particular info or experience they're 
looking for. (In this regard the first meeting at NCSU this month was 
very unusual compared to the TechShop meetings of the past year.) But 
the group's preferences as we go along should of course do the steering.

I got sidetracked by an apparent server failure that turned out to be 
either my DSL router or AT&T suffering severe DNS confusion (so forcing 
a new IP address for my house cured it), but updating the web site as 
earlier mentioned is at the top of the list. Let's continue to gather 
things of interest to share and update the plans for future meetings 
when we see each other on the 8th. I'd welcome somebody interested in 
driving programs and managing the meeting calendar (that will appear soon!)

If there it's OK I'll bring my "RPI PC" on the 8th and be ready to share 
details in a breakout if interest warrants that, but otherwise push a 
presentation to the group out to another meeting. In the meantime here 
some overview slides from presentations earlier this year that might be 
of interest:


(The 2nd Monday meetings mentioned in slide #3 are of course now at 
NCSU, TechShop/RDU no longer exists, etc)


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