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Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Wed Jun 5 21:44:11 CDT 2013

On 6/4/2013 8:19 PM, Scott Hall wrote:
> I am going to announce the TriEmbed hack afternoon in a couple of 
> days, but with a new look, and for this month on a week delay because 
> of MakerFaire.  We can get back to the regular schedule in July.
> On that note, a friend of mine is doing the learn-to-solder classes 
> for MakerFaire, so I thought I would hold one in July. Extra 
> instructors duly appreciated.... :)

Oh dear, I missed this msgyesterday (I was at Splat Space and somehow 
the msg got "un-bold", making me think I'd read it and I tend to skim 
right over the already read ones. This is some kind of IMAP misbehavior 
my new phone is doing to me. Very sorry!).

And as you read from the earlier msg, last night Jim Pfister and I 
decided it would be worthwhile to host a meeting on the 16th. We didn't 
mean to step on your toes. On the other hand, your toes haven't been at 
the Splat Space  meetings for some time and the rest of us have been 
winging it. :-)

As you saw, I sent mail to the Splat Space board to get the event 
calendar fixed at least partially before a reminder goes out.

But I have to set this aside until tomorrow.

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